We make it possible for martial artists to study authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our program empowers you with opportunity to advance in rank, become a certified instructor, and offer membership in the WBJJA to your students. Achieving your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and becoming certified as a BJJ instructor is a reality through us.

We maintain standardized curriculum and processes

Our Brazilian Black Belt board oversees all information development to ensure continued accuracy of media dispensed to members. By their directive, each member is to receive segment specific courseware in written or e‐document and video media form to enhance their human understanding and retention process. Instructor trainee materials provide complete knowledge of the belt level studied and covers all stripe levels there within. Student materials for each belt level are divided into five segments and designed as reference media to support their instructor’s teachings per stripe level. In doing this both our instructor trainees and their students will have access to the most comprehensive Brazilian Jiu‐Jitsu learning program available.

The WBJJA is ours... is family!

We believe instructors are the core of our organization, therefore we do everything to keep close to each other and support our fellow instructors and their students.
In order to guarantee high technical level and cutting edge instruction skills, instructors have FREE access to all seminars on the level in which they are enrolled.  

Click on the links below to download the WBJJA Adults White Belt Curriculum.

(Kids curriculum and all color belts are only available for certified instructors)

White Belt - No stripe

White Belt - 1 stripe

White Belt - 2 stripes

White Belt - 3 stripes

White Belt - 4 stripes


We maintain standardized rank validation methods

Instructor trainee belt testing is a requirement to ensure that the belt structure system we endorse is conducted by traditional standards. It is paramount this process remain 100% BJJ. Instructors ready to rank test are required to either come to a rank test advancement clinic or make provisions for one of our certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructors to come to them. Rank accreditation of our WBJJA Instructor Trainee members are assessed, validated, and processed by our Brazilian Black Belt board. Assessment testing consists of both practical application and written form of rank knowledge. Member rank test advancement clinics are held several times each year in several countries to accommodate our members’ diverse training schedules.

Qualifications for becoming an WBJJA Instructor

Instructor Trainee candidates are required to qualify for membership. Acceptance is exclusive to professionals and accredited individuals whom are perceived capable of following this path of leadership. Examples: School Owners; Certified Black Belts; Club Instructors; Certified Trainers.

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